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Standing Timber

As a leading manufacturer in hardwood veneer products, Manthei Wood Products regularly works with our local communities to sustainably harvest timber for our production and for our communities’ continued natural preservation.


Manthei Wood Product's timber program is currently active in the north eastern counties of Emmet, Cheboygan, Otsego, Charlevoix and Antrim. This includes buying from both private and bid sales, however we prefer private sales because it allows us to better meet the needs and goals of the landowner.

Our team has many years of experience in determining the quality and volume of wood on a property. The timber appraisal is a free service that Manthei Wood Products provides prior to creating an agreement. At this point, our team can design a harvest that fits your vision for your woodlot. This can be management for long term growth and many harvests to come, or a habitat cut for deer and bird cover. Manthei Wood Products can also help with some lot clearing and development cuts depending on size and proximity to power lines.

Simple three step plan to working with Manthei Wood Products:

Serving Northern Michigan for over 75 years.

With a long-standing relationship with our communities and timber landowners, we are proud to have left many families happy with their healthy forests. Here is what a few them have to say about our timber services:

At Manthei Wood Products we encourage timber management. We realize that this is not for everyone but we like landowners to know the benefits before they make their decision.

Working with our team are a number of skilled loggers that have years of experience. Most of the loggers cut with a chainsaw, as the best way to cut veneer and saw logs. All loggers carry insurance so that there is no risk to landowners. A copy of the insurance can be provided upon request.

“My wife and I had the pleasure of having a select harvest done by Manthei in September, 2015…. Wes ensured our property line was accurate and clearly identified, marking each tree to be harvested - as well as those we could safely cut on our own over the next few years for firewood. He worked with us to ensure we preserved our property, thinned our woods, and created a desired canopy. He developed and implemented our plan and delivered as promised. His crew was clearly experienced and a pleasure to work with during the harvest. We highly recommend Manthei, and will undoubtedly use them for future harvesting.”

Mike (Boyne City, MI)

“All in all it was a pleasure working with a person you can trust to keep his word and feel that you can call him and get a straight answer on any question that came up. I would not hesitate to have [him] and his crew back on our property when it is ready to be logged again.”

Tom (Emmet County, MI)

To get further information, please contact our Log Procurement Manager.
Ryan Paquette

Log Procurement Manager

(231) 330-0784

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