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Our History

In the early 1940s brothers Ted and Ernie Manthei were strawberry farmers who wanted to save money by making their own fruit baskets.

In their pursuit of this cost-cutting idea they purchased a “basket making machine” which mistakenly turned out to be a veneer lathe. So they began manufacturing and selling veneer instead of growing strawberries.

By combining vision, diligence, and attention to craftsmanship Manthei Wood Products has risen from humble beginnings to a national leader in precision hardwood face veneers.

Today, with over 100 employees, Manthei Wood Products is owned and operated by the third generation of the Manthei family, which provides experience along with creative thinking in forging new paths while continually improving on existing ones.

We are proud to be one of the few remaining family-owned veneer mills in North America, and as a family, we understand the value of commitment and integrity. We believe that superior service is invaluable, therefore we work hard to provide the flexibility and product diversity that best serves our customers.

That’s why for over 75 years we have offered our customers the highest quality veneer products available and remain committed to working with the changing needs of plywood, flooring, and furniture manufacturers around the world.

Our Mission

At Manthei Wood Products our purpose is to maximize the God-given potential of our team members and forest resources so that our families, communities, and world flourish.

We believe in our core values.

  • Together, we accomplish more than would be possible on our own.

  • We are not territorial, rather we desire and proactively seek input from others. 

  • Ideas are community property. We are more concerned about getting it right than being right.

  • We keep our commitments.

  • We embrace accountability for our actions, attitudes, and results.

  • We care for our people and the environment.

  • Continuous learning and continuous improvement lead to progress and maturity.

  • An openness to new ideas is foundational to innovation. 

  • We are willing to break something to make it better.

  • Growth requires change, so we commit to graciously give and receive honest feedback.

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