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Rotary die boards are used as a durable and flexible carrier for the tooling that is required to cut and form sheet stock and corrugated cardboard containers and boxes.  These curved panels that form the foundation of a rotary die must have the integrity to hold steel rule knives in position to accurately cut, perforate and crease hundreds of thousands to millions of containers/boxes. In addition, the rotary die board carries a variety of specialized attachments required to complete the cut and form the container. Rotary die boards are manufactured to IADD (International Association of Diecutting and Diemaking) Standards and Specifications. Maple is the predominant species used for rotary die boards.

Standard Dimensions

Thickness: 1/2" | 5/8"

Inside Dimension (ID): Options ranging from 6-5/8” through 29-1/2”

Lengths: 41" | 51" | 60" | 72 "| 75" | 82" | 102" | 118" | 120"

* Custom ID's and Lengths Available Upon Request

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

Fred Powell

Rotary Department Manager

(231) 675-1038

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