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At Manthei Wood Products we offer all domestic hardwood species and western species of plain sliced veneer products; this includes stock panel, cut to size, and doors.

We pride ourselves on the many years of experience we’ve gained in offering a wide range of quality products.

With a smaller size and a company oriented around care, we have the flexibility to offer customization and quick turnaround for our customers’ needs.

All domestic & western species available.

Dimensions available:

Length: 38” - 123”

Width: 38” - 147”

All matching available:
  • Book Match

  • Slip Match

  • Random Match (Mismatch)

  • Pleasing Match

  • Plank Match

  • Balance Match

  • Center Balance Match

  • End Match

On demand veneers:

We will send you samples of the flitches and you can choose the exact log you’d like your product created from.

To place an order, get pricing, or gain additional information about our hardwood veneer products, please contact our Sales Team.

Julie DeNeen

Veneer Sales

(231) 340-0830

Matt Smith

Director of Sales and Business Development

(231) 313-6499

Brian Korthase

Plain Sliced Manager

(231) 347-7040 ext. 127

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