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Engineered Hardwood Plywood | Manthei Wood Products

Engineered Hardwood Plywood

Engineered Hardwood Plywood | Manthei Wood Products
Musical Instrument Components

Manthei Wood Products manufactures custom engineered hardwood plywood for a variety of companies that manufacture musical instruments. Pianos, harps, guitars and other musical instruments contain engineered plywood components that are very specialized with respect to the species of hardwood veneer used, adhesives and configuration/orientation of the veneers to attain the integrity and sound quality of the instrument. Musical instrument components are supplied to the very specific requirements of the manufacturers/artists. Call us so we can engineer and produce your hardwood plywood needs.

Engineered Hardwood Plywood | Manthei Wood Products

Some airplane and drone propellers are best manufactured from laminated Hard Maple veneers due to demanding and specific requirements of the application and aesthetic. Wood propellers are typically quieter in use as wood absorbs some of the vibration and sound waves versus a metal or composite material. 

Engineered Hardwood Plywood | Manthei Wood Products
Gaming Decks

Custom engineered hardwood plywood requires high density hardwood veneer and adhesives that can withstand physical abuse. The use of high density, Hard Maple and Ash veneer helps in applications where hardness, integrity and impact resistance is a need. We can manufacture panel blanks that provide this resistance and have the structural integrity to remain flat even when a high percentage of material is removed to allow various inserts and electronics to be machined into the panels. Applications like this are an example of our ability to make what you need.

Please contact us with any questions you may have.

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Die Board & Specialty Plywood Sales

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